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Chinese Proverbs 2
24/09/2012 03:06:02    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1640

莽鈥犈犆九矫ヂ惷︹€標溍ㄢ€古久甭趁寂捗︹€標溍ぢ糕偓盲赂陋盲赂垄盲赂鈧ぢ嘎?(pinyin: xi脙鲁ng xi脛聛 zi zh脛聛i b脛聛o m脟聬, zh脛聛i y脙颅 g脙篓 di脜芦 y脙颅 g脙篓)
variant: 莽鈥光€斆р€犈犆ε铰懊ㄢ€古久甭?(pinyin: g脟鈥檜 xi脙鲁ng ba b脛聛o m脟聬)
Literally: Blind bear picks corn, picks one and drops one.
Meaning: You will lose what you already have if you keep seeking for more.
Note: (Story) A bear (a bear, in Chinese culture, frequently symbolizes someone with little common sense) was picking corn and sticking the corn in his armpit. As he puts the next corn cob into his armpit, opening his arm, he drops the one he already had.
Compare: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. (Benjamin Franklin - Poor Richard"s Almanac)

盲鹿鸥猫娄聛茅漏卢氓鈥灺棵ヂヂ矫寂捗ぢ古该β伱┞┞モ€灺棵ぢ嘎嵜ヂ惼捗嶁€?(pinyin: y脛鈥?y脙聽o m脟沤 脙漏r h脟沤o, y脛鈥?y脙聽o m脟沤 脙漏r b脙鹿 ch脛芦 c脟沤o) (also+want+horse+good, also+want+horse+not+eat+hay)
Literally: Wants the horse to be good and at the same time want the horse not to eat hay.
Moral: Nothing is perfect. (English equivalent).
Example: Your boss wants you to work harder but doesn"t want to pay you more.
Usage: someone has an unrealistic expectation.
Note: "good" and "hay" rhyme in Mandarin.

忙艙鈥懊ヂ库€斆ㄢ偓鈥γ寂捗ぢ衡€姑该λ喡?(pinyin: y脟鈥檜 zh脙卢 zhe, sh脙卢 j脙卢ng ch脙漏ng)
Literally: If a person has ambition, things will be accomplished.
Moral: Where there is a will, there is a way (English equivalent).

莽沤鈥懊ぢ嘎嵜惵⒚ぢ嘎嵜λ喡惷モ劉篓 (pinyin: y脙鹿 b脙鹿 zhu脙鲁 b脙鹿 ch脙漏ng q脙卢)
Literally: Jade must be chiseled before it can be considered a gem.
Moral: A person needs training and discipline to build character.

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