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16/07/2012 06:26:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1960

忙掳麓猫茠陆猫录鈥懊ㄋ喤该寂捗ぢ郝γㄆ捖矫︹€犆ㄋ喤?(pinyin: shu脟聬 n脙漏ng z脙聽i zh脜聧u, y脙卢 n脙漏ng f脙鹿 zh脜聧u)
Literally: Not only can water float a boat, it can sink it also.
Moral: Nature can help and harm you. The people(water) can raise someone(boat) to power, but can also take it away(sink).
Equivalent English saying: The knife cuts both ways.

氓陇漏盲赂鈥姑ぢ古捗┞嘎γぢ糕偓忙聽路茅禄鈥?(pinyin: ti脛聛n xi脙聽 w脜芦 y脛聛 y脙颅 y脙聽ng h脛鈥渋)
Literally: All crows in the world are black.
Meanings: There are several possible interpretations:
A natural interpretation: Some rules, like those natural forces of the Universe, are unbendable, regardless how much you may want it to change.
A stereotypical interpretation: something or someone (bad) is no different from all the others (e.g., All government officials are corrupt, all lawyers are snakes, etc.).

忙藴鸥忙藴鸥盲鹿鈥姑伮ヂ徛ぢ宦ッр€∨矫ヅ脚?(pinyin: x脛芦ng x脛芦ng zh脛芦 hu脟鈥?k脛鈥?y脟聬 li脙隆o yu脙隆n)
Literally: A spark can start a fire that burns the entire prairie.
Moral: Don"t underestimate the potential destructive power that a seemingly minor problem can cause.
Compare: A butterfly beating it wings in America can start a hurricane in China.

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