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Chinese Proverbs 8
10/05/2012 12:15:54    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1600

盲禄楼氓聫陇猫芦路盲禄艩(盲禄楼氓聫陇猫庐陆盲禄艩) (yi gu fen jin)
Literally: Joke about the present by referring to the past.
Meaning: The past may be better than the present.

盲赂鈥懊モ偓鈥姑モ€櫯捗ヂ芭∶β测€櫭β奥疵モ€撀?盲赂鈥懊ぢ嘎モ€櫯捗ヂ芭∶β猜∶β奥疵モ€撀? (s脛聛n g脙篓 h脙漏sh脙聽ng m脙漏i shu脟聬 h脛鈥?
Literally: Three monks have no water to drink.
Meaning: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

氓聛拧盲赂鈧ヂぢ┟モ€櫯捗ヂ芭∶︹€櫯久ぢ糕偓氓陇漏茅聬藴 (zu脙虏 y脛芦ti脛聛n h脙漏sh脙聽ng zhu脙聽ng y脛芦ti脛聛n zh脜聧ng)
Literally: beat the bell one day as long as you are still a monk one day.
Meaning: Do your duties as long as you are still in the role.

盲赂鈧ヅ铰⒚ζ掆€γ︹€灺?(yi xiang qing yuan)
Literally: Enthusiastic, but unable to.
Meaning: The person wants to do it, but is unable to.
Compare: The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

氓鈥捌捗┞犅︹€澛っヂ惷ぢ糕偓茅聽颅莽鈥犅?氓鈥捌捗ヂぢ疵︹€樑犆ヂ惷ぢ糕偓氓陇麓莽茠颅) (ti tou tan zi yi tou re)
Literally: Barber one side hot (old time, one side hot water...)
Meaning: If only one partner is willing while the other isn"t, it will not work.

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