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Daming Huidian
10/05/2012 10:39:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1696

Daming Huidian

(Da Ming Huidian/Collected Statutes of the Ming Dynasty) - A Collection of Ming Dynasty Law and Procedures

Daming Huidian, also called Collected Statutes of the Ming Dynasty (simplified Chinese: 氓陇搂忙藴沤盲录拧氓鈥β? is a five-volume collection of Ming Dynasty law and procedures. It was compiled by Li Dongyang (忙聺沤盲赂艙茅藴鲁) and Shen Mingxing (莽鈥澛趁λ溑矫∨? over an 11 year period.

Following the example of the Institutional History Tang liudian "The Six Statutes of the Tang" (氓鈥澛惷モ€βモ€β?, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, ordered the compilation of a book that described the administrative institutions of the empire. This book was never finished, and instead, the Hongzhi Emperor ordered the compilation of the book Daming huidian "Collected Statutes of the Great Ming". The compilation was observed by Xu Pu (氓戮聬忙潞楼) and Liu Jian (氓藛藴氓聛楼) and finished in 1502. It was then revised under the guidance of Li Dongyang and printed in 1509, during the reign period Zhengde. The Daming huidian is based on 12 different books that describe the administrative structure of the Ming government.

According to changes in the administrative structure on different levels, a second edition was ordered, resulting in a second name: Wanli huidian (盲赂鈥∶ヅ解€犆ぢ寂∶モ€β?. It was ordered in 1576 and completed in 1587. It covers the years between 1479 and 1584 AD. The 1587 edition was reproduced as a facsimile in Beijing by "Zonghua Shuju" in 1988.


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