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Flower-and-bird Painting
13/01/2011 12:19:15    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 3284

Flower-and-bird Painting

Flower-and-bird Painting mainly depicts animals and plants, can be categorized according to subjects as flower, feather, vegetable and fruit, grass and worm, animal and beast, squama and shell, etc. It is considered the representative of the uniqueness of the Chinese traditional painting in the world, fully expresses the character and state of mind of the Chinese people. Numerous artists of this genre emerged in the past dynasties, such as cranes by Xue Ji, peacocks by Bian Luan, and flowers and bamboos by Diao Guangding in the Tang Dynasty; eagles by Guo Qianhui, flowers and birds by Huang Quan and Xu Xi in the Five Dynasties; flowers by Zhao Chang, sparrows by Cui Bai, and flowers and birds by Wu Yuanyu in the Northern Song Dynasty; broken branches by Wu Bing, fruits by Lin Chun, and脗聽poultries by Li Di in the Southern Song Dynasty; bamboos by Li Kan, mandarin ducks by Zhang Shouzhong, and plums by Wang Mian of the Yuan Dynasty; poultries by Lin Liang, ink flowers by Chen chun and Xu Wei of the Ming Dynasty; fishes by Zhu Da, lotuses by Yun Shouping, and birds by hua Yan of the Qing Dynasty, as well as flowers by Wu Changshuo and worms and fishes by Qi Baishi of the modern times, were all masters of their times, emerged in an endless stream.

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