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Highlight China
Figure Painting
13/01/2011 12:14:35    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1018

Figure Painting

An appellative for paintings that illustrate human figures, 芒鈧揊igure芒鈧?in short, is a major genre in the Chinese Paintings, the appearance of Figure Painting was earlier than Landscape and Flower-and bird; it芒鈧劉s generally divided into Taoist-and-Buddhist Painting, Female Images, Portrait, Genre Painting, and History-story painting, etc.

Figure Painting strives for precise and lifelike depiction of the character芒鈧劉s personality, both outlook and spirit. The representative famous Figure Painting works of all times include Scroll by Gu Kaizhi from the East Jin Dynasty, by Han Huang from the Tang Dynasty, Gu Hongzhong芒鈧劉s in the Southern Tang of Five Dynasties, Li Gonglin芒鈧劉s in the Northern Song Dynasty, Li Tang芒鈧劉s and Liang Kai芒鈧劉s

  • in the Southern Song Dynasty, by Qiu Ying from the Ming Dynasty, Luo Pin芒鈧劉s , Min Zhen芒鈧劉s , and Su Liupeng芒鈧劉s from the Qing Dynasty, as well as modern painter Ren Xiong芒鈧劉s . In the contemporary age, Figure Painting stresses more on 芒鈧搇earn from the nature芒鈧? and assimilates the western techniques, has made progresses in both modeling and coloring.

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