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Yunnan -- Land of Eternal Spring
13/09/2010 01:42:20    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1002

Yunnan -- Land of Eternal Spring

Yunnan means 芒鈧揝outh of the Colorful Clouds芒鈧? Legend has it that 2,000 years ago the emperor saw rosy clouds in the southern skies and sent scouts to search for the source. The area where the clouds appeared was renamed Yunnan.

This area is mostly mountains. In the northwest, Yunnan borders on the Himalayas. This region has the mildest climate (average temperature 8 to 20 degree Celsius) in China and plenty of plants and flowers. Hence Yunnan芒鈧劉s nickname 芒鈧揕and of Eternal Spring芒鈧?
Yunnan has the largest number of minority tribes -- 26 -- in China. They include the Bai, Yi, Miao, Dai and Naxi.

The Golden Peacock is the symbol of Yunnan. It is found in southern Yunnan in the forests of Xishuangbanna, home to the Dai tribe. Many wild animals long extinct in other parts of China, such as tigers, elephants, and rare birds, can be found in Xishuangbanna.

The Dai live in houses built on stilts. In mid-April each year they celebrate the New Year by splashing water on each other during the Water Festival.

The old town of Dali in northwestern Yunnan is the home of the Bai people. For 1,000 years the Bai have been making tie-dye cloth. This cloth is blue with lovely white patterns. It is made by soaking cloth sewn with thick knots in indigo dye.

Each year at the Butterfly Spring thousands of colorful butterflies hang on the branches of an ancient tree that hangs over the water. Legend has it that a pair of lovers turned into butterflies, rose from the spring and flew away happily. Bai boys and girls come to the Butterfly Spring to celebrate their courtship.


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