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Highlight China
Highlights of Expo 2010
12/08/2010 05:50:00    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 981

Highlights of Expo 2010

Besides the hundreds of stalls and breath-taking pavilions, a large number of exciting events will provide for further entertainment during the Expo. Various cultural and artistic performances held both inside and outside the Expo site will take place before and during the Expo. All in all, a staggering 20,000 events are planned throughout the Expo period. There will be 33-35 event venues on the site, with three events planned in each venue per day. Expo organizers have revealed that over 680 performances from across the world are scheduled to take place throughout the period, including many world famous acts.

The events during the Expo will fall into three general categories: events by the organisers, events by the individual countries and regions and events organised by other groups including companies, the media etc. To get an idea of what to expect for country/regional events, each month has been allocated to a specific country, region or continent. For example, May will be Europe month which means that visitors can expect to see a range of events showcasing the best of European culture. There will also be plenty of thematic events such as stage shows, folk art and shows highlighting native cultures.

Obviously, two of the biggest highlights of the Shanghai Expo will be the opening ceremony on the evening of April 30th 2010 and the closing ceremony on October 31st 2010. However, organizers have so far revealed that the world famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, Canada芒鈧劉s Cirque Du Soleil, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Shaolin Kungfu masters have all signed up for exclusive performances.

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