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Location and Shanghai Expo Site
12/08/2010 05:39:47    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 970

Location and Shanghai Expo Site

There are many reasons why Shanghai was chosen as 2010 World Expo site. First and foremost, Shanghai is the most prosperous international metropolis in China. Known as the 芒鈧揚earl of the Orient芒鈧?or 芒鈧搕he Paris of the East芒鈧? Shanghai is known throughout the world for its modern urban construction and high-tech infrastructure. However, equally important is the fact that Shanghai is a great city to visit. Shanghai has an allure that other cities in China simply lack. Perhaps it is the fact that it is a melting pot between East and West, old and new. Or maybe it芒鈧劉s the lingering charm of the French and German influence on Shanghai芒鈧劉s cityscape. Either way, Shanghai芒鈧劉s countless shops, restaurants, cafes, buzzing nightlife and world class event venues, continuously attracts millions of overseas visitors every year.

The Expo will be located on the riverside between Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, spanning both sides of the Huangpu River and stretching into both the Pudong and Puxi Districts of Shanghai. The area will be divided into five zones with a total of twelve pavilion groups spread across the two districts. Each pavilion group will cover an average area of 10-15 hectares. International pavilions will be grouped into the continent they belong to. Though the vast majority of pavilions will be dismantled by 2011, five permanent buildings will remain after the event, which include the spectacular China Pavilion, Theme Pavilions, Expo Boulevard, World Expo Centre and the Expo Performance Centre.


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