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Tibet Craftworks-Masks
03/05/2011 14:56:40    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1061

Tibet Craftworks-Masks

Referring to Tibetan sculpture, there is one more special kind handicraft-mask, which is called Ba in Tibetan and mainly used in the various folk performances. Generally speaking, they are divided into "a dance to worship deity mask", "hanging mask" and "Tibetan opera mask". The first kind masks are mainly used in some important festivals, including the masks of ghosts, Gods, immortals and animal totems while the second ones are usually related to people"s daily life. Usually, it has an inclination of expression and symbolization, which is extensive and exaggerated. The styles of Tibetan masks are diverse from region to region. The masks in the mid-Tibet are serious while those in the east of Tibet are monstrous.

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