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Dragon Boat Festival Customs 14
16/07/2012 06:08:39    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1794

Taiwai Province

In Taiwan, common people hang calami, argy wormwood, and a picture of Zhong Kui (a Chinese immortal who can bless and protect a mortal芒鈧劉s house) in front of their houses. Adults drink realgar wine, while children adorn themselves with fragrant small bags. All of this is said to protect human beings from evil. For businessmen, the Dragon Boat Festival is a good business opportunity to promote folk cultures. They rack their brains to sell rice dumplings. In Taiwan, different types of unique rice dumplings are produced. Common people also like to show their creative, self-made rice dumplings. In the Tainan area, people do not eat rice dumplings. Instead, they eat fried glutinous rice balls sprinkled with sesame. This custom has something to do with Zheng Chenggong (a hero of Ming Dynasty who recaptured Taiwan from Dutch colonialists). Similar to the Mainland, the most popular and joyful activity during the Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan Province is also dragon boat racing. Grand dragon boat races are held during the Dragon Boat Festival on each major river in Taiwan.


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