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Dragon Boat Festival Customs 13
16/07/2012 05:56:13    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1788

Guangdong Province

In Conghua County, people wash their eyes and faces with water mixed with burned magic papers and then pour that water onto the road as a symbol of getting rid of disasters. In Xinxing County, people go to the nearest temple to advocate and escort the patrol of the Buddha statue. Moreover, shamen sprinkle magic water and paste magic papers onto the Buddha statue as a way to expel evil. In Shicheng County, children fly kites as a way to make disasters fly away.

Hainan Province

During every Dragon Boat Festival, each place in Hainan Province holds a dragon boat race. In Ding芒鈧劉an, a town that dates from the Chenghua Period of the Ming Dynasty and has been well preserved, there are two long and gaily colored dragon boats standing on the stone steps inside the door that opens to this five-hundred-year-old town. Ancestors of Hainan Province started the custom of dragon boat racing on the Dragon Boat Festival. The river they use for these races is Nandu River. Known as the town of coconuts and being the hometown of Song Qingling (a great patriotic, democratic, and communist leader of China), Wenchang enjoys a favorable location with its three sides surrounded by sea. Since ancient times, residents of Wenchang have held dragon boat races and prayed to God for blessings during the Dragon Boat Festival. The people of Hainan bathe themselves with 芒鈧揾oly water芒鈧?or herbal water and, similar to the customs of the Mainland, also hold dragon boat races, eat rice dumplings, and hang calami and argy wormwood in front of their houses.

The custom of drinking realgar wine is popular in the Yangtze River Valley.

The custom of eating millet rice is popular in some parts of northern China, where the language people speak is very similar to Mandarin.

The custom of walking to stay healthy is popular in the Guizhou area.


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