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Dragon Boat Festival Customs 12
16/07/2012 05:54:11    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1702

Hunan Province

In You County, rich families with a pregnant woman drop auspicious coins into wine and then put the wine on the head of a dragon boat and pray for the successful birth of the baby. Poor families with a pregnant woman prepare chicken and wine, and sacrifice paper money instead of using the wine and auspicious coins (which is costly). In Yuezhoufu, people hold dragon boat races to avoid disasters and to get rid of disease. They also make straw boats and let them float away as a symbol of expelling the God of Plague.

Fujian Province

In Fuzhou, wives present graveclothes, shoes and socks, rice dumplings and fans to their parents-in-law as a gift. In Jianyang County, May 5 is the day when the King of Medicine puts his medicine in the open air to cure the air. On that day, common people make sauce. In Shanghang County, small rafts are tied with reeds and made into the shape of a dragon for the dragon boat races. In Xianyou County, after the dragon boat races, people throw magic papers into Huxiao Pond to mourn the soldiers of General Qi Jiguang who drowned in 1543 during the Ming Dynasty. In Shaowufu, before the Dragon Boat Festival women make small bags with red silk and put pieces of magic paper inside of them. They also make two rhombic decorations with five-color threads and tie the decorations to their hairpins with colorful strings. Little girls tie the decorations to their arms.



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